About Innocent Child


Innocent Child is an International Charity dedicated to the long-term holistic development of children in poverty.
Innocent Child was established in 2001 with a view to working for the needy all around the Globe. International Head Office of Innocent Child is based in Manchester, United Kingdom.

After obtaining charitable status in October 2003, Innocent Child is working and aims to enable the children of the Developing World to gain dignity and future prosperity for themselves and their communities by providing education. Education is absolutely key to the long-term success of developing countries and is something we really take for granted in the developed world.

Our Commitment

At Innocent Child, we believe that every child in the world, irrespective of race, colour, creed or faith has the fundamental right to a life of dignity, free of poverty and oppression.

At Innocent Child, we believe that literacy, education, and healthcare is the basic right of the child.

Healthcare, especially for mothers is a prime project of Innocent Child; we are committed to providing an international level of health care for women and children.

The healthy mother can look after and bring up her children in a healthy way and also provide a healthy society for the future.