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Innocent Child will be working with our partner Bringing Smiles, a small charity in Pakistan, facilitating education for children living in extreme poverty.
Over the last decade poverty has been increasing across Pakistan and as the government continues to neglect the basic needs of the people, including healthcare and education, the future generations of Pakistan are struggling to get out of the cycle of poverty. We know that education is an essential way to tackle child poverty and build a better future for us all as a society.

Your Sadaqah and Zakat will mean that we are able to transform the lives of many more poor children insha Allah!

The School in Rawalpindi was launched in February 2018, within two months it acquired 85 children due to the high demand from the local community. The school is now running at capacity with children aged between 5 to 10 years. We aim to expand and offer this opportunity to other children in the community who we are sadly unable to accommodate at this stage.

Currently the monthly running costs for the school are approx. £1,500. The school is running from a small rented building and is very much in development phases. As we grow and progress towards a more stable setup these costs will increase significantly.

Support us to turn our plans into a quick reality. You can send your Sadaqah for the school or Zakat to sponsor individual children.

Sponsor a child’s education for six months for £120 or for one whole year for £240.

We believe in a holistic approach, and therefore are making all efforts to provide additional support and care to our children. The children are given regular treats (food) along with some fun activities such as arts & crafts and indoor games.

Meet our students

Daim & Haroon aged 7 and 8 years

Daim and Haroon are brothers who live alone with their father after their mother died. Their father earns only Rs. 6000 a month and Rs. 2000 goes on rent for their mud house. The rest is spent by their father on his alcoholic and drug addiction. The brothers rely on meals from their neighbours and support from the school to pursue their education. Without our school we know that Daim and Haroon would not have been able to have access to any education and improve their futures

Ismail Asghar, aged 7

Ismail has three siblings and lives with his father who is a labrourer and mother. His mother has always wanted her children to be educated but his father instead wants them to become labourers and earn money for the household. Luckily his mother sees the value in education and has made sure that her children are enrolled in the school. This is not just the story of Ismail, there are thousands of children like him who are forced into child labour instead of education.

More about Bringing Smiles

Bringing smiles is a student run not-for-profit organisation. These students belong to different universities in Islamabad, each belonging to established and well-to-do families looking to make their contribution in bringing about positive changes in the society, on the whole.

Bringing Smiles focuses on providing care to some of the most vulnerable communities in Pakistan, including providing medical support to those who cannot afford it and distributing sleeping bags to those sleeping on the streets. Bringing Smiles organise daily Iftars and food parcels for poor families. Our aim is to help eliminate poverty and build a better future for Pakistan.