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You can donate using any of the following cards: Solo, Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, Visa Purchasing and JCB.

See the Donations FAQ or call us on +44 (0) 870 977 1125

Donations and Regular Giving FAQ

Q.How can I donate?

A.There are several ways to donate. You can either donate online (the quickest and most efficient method), or you can donate in other ways such as over the phone using a credit or debit card, by post using a cheque or postal order or via bank transfer.

Q.Can I donate to a specific country or project?

A.Yes you can, though our work is most effective if you allow us to spend your donation where it’s most needed. To donate to a specific country or project, you can use the How To Spend page when donating online; when donating over the phone or via post be sure to give us all the details.

Q.Is my donation eligible for Gift Aid?

A.Please see the Gift Aid FAQ for details.

Q.Will I receive a receipt?

A.Yes, we will post you a printed receipt for your donation, which you should keep for your records. We are unfortunately unable to issue receipts for donations made via bank transfer.

Q.Can I donate clothes, books, and my car…?

A.We are generally unable to accept clothes or book donations. This is due to the high transportation costs in transferring them and also the loss of benefit to the local economy by not acquiring goods locally (something we always strive to do).

In some circumstances we can accept non-cash donations such as jewellery, cars, business services etc. Please do contact us to find out more.

Donating Online

Q.Are online donations secure?

A.Yes, your online donation is totally secure. We use the latest                              to ensure all your personal details and card or bank number are encrypted before being sent — this ensures third parties cannot see them.

Q.What is the donation basket?

A.The donation basket is analogous to the ‘shopping cart’ concept used by many online shops. Any donation you make on the site — whether a single donation or regular giving — is added to your donation basket. When you’ve finished simply click Complete Donation to securely provide your personal and card or bank details.

The donation basket gives you the flexibility to easily donate to various projects, specify a type for your donation (e.g. zakah or sadaqah) or specify a dedication. In addition, you can easily combine single donations with regular gifts and, if you wish, add multiple items such as olive trees for different family and friends or sponsor several orphans.

Q.Can I remove items from my donation basket?

A.Yes, you can remove items at any time by clicking the icon in the Remove column in your donation basket.

Q.Which cards do you accept?

A.For online donations we accept the following cards: Maestro, Visa Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Solo, JCB, Diners, Laser.. This includes single donations and regular giving via a credit/debit card.

Regular Giving

Q.What is the benefit of regular giving?

A.Although we are most well known for our emergency relief work in the aftermath of disasters, most of Muslim Hands’ projects are focused on helping the poor and needy in the long term through education, health, community development and empowerment.

Raising awareness and funding this work is difficult. Your regular gift, however small, will help us to support this work. Whether it’s a specific donation such as an orphan or teacher sponsorship, or an open gift that allows us to fund valuable work such as tackling curable blindness, your regular gift really does make a difference.

Q.How can I give regularly?

A.There are several ways. You can either set up a regular donation online (the quickest and most efficient method), or you can set up a donation in other ways such as over the phone or by post.

Q.What do I need to set up a regular donation?

A.There are two ways to give regularly:

  • Via Direct Debit (this is the preferred and most cost effective method for us, but requires a UK bank account).
  • By credit or debit card to be billed monthly (available to UK and non-UK donors).

When you complete your donation you will be asked to choose your preferred option.

Q.Can I amend or cancel my regular donation?

A.Yes, you can. If you would like to amend or cancel your regular donation you can do so at any time simply by contacting us and letting us know.

Q.My bank details are changing, what should I do?

A.Please contact us as soon as possible with the amended details so we can update our records and ensure your regular donation continues to reach the poor and needy.

Q.My credit/debit card is due to expire, what should I do?

A.If you give a regular donation using a credit or debit card and it is due to expire (or has expired) you should receive an email from Wordplay regarding your Future Pay Agreement (it will be sent to the address you used when providing your details).

To update your card details, so as to continue with your regular gift, please visit    To login you will need the username and password obtained when you initially provided your details. If you cannot remember your username and/or password please contact us for your Future Pay Agreement ID, which will then enable you to recover these details via the Forgotten your password? link on the Wordplay site.